About platform Microfluidic

The platform "digital microfluidics" is a science-based information and communications platform addressing a number of topics concerning microfluidic applications based on (micro-) segmented flow.

The technology of micro-segmented flow, is a specialisation of the microfluidics allowing for liquids to separated into very small potions. Additionally being able to transport and process them in these preset segments.
These so called "Digital Microfluidics" droplets containing molecules, cells or nano-particles can be manipulated as needed. Thus allowing for chemical and biological standard procedures using working volumes in the micro-, nano- or even in the piko-liter-range to be used in an automated environment. In parallel the use of chemical substances as well as the need for biological materials in scientific investigations is minimized. Additionally the readout of information employing biological system like cells as well as chemical synthesis can be monitored very efficiently.

Combined in a regional Thuringian research community with ties to other national and international study groups, scientists working in Jena, Heiligenstadt and Ilmenau are busy in furthering the development of the micro-segmented flow as well as the implementation for use in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics and the production and characterization of new materials.

This platform is supported by the LEG Thueringen. Aiding in the process to create new innovative ideas and providing a means to further them for generating products for todays needs.


  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Michael Köhler


    Technische Universität Ilmenau / Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften / Fachgebiet Physikalische Chemie / Mikroreaktionstechnik

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  • Kay Sawatzky


    Akquisition, Thüringen International und Clustermanagement

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